Once upon a time a very smart person said

„A collective is a group of entities that
share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together to achieve
a common objective.“


kolektif berlin bike fair is exactly that.

We are a group of friends that believe in
the power of cycling.


We believe in bicycles. We formed a place in Berlin where start ups, small brands or big players of the cycling world can come together and share a good coffee. Once a year everyone is invited to show what they have, what they will have soon or what the made in the past.

kolektif berlin is a bike fair, a place for workshops, a starting point for rides. A class reunion and meeting point for old and new friends. It is everything that you want to make out of it. It’s for everyone who loves two wheels as much as we do.

Because a kolektif is what you make out of it.
It’s not made by the industry.
It’s made by you for others just like you.