Join us at kolektif berlin bike fair

February 28th – March 1st 2020.

Brand Sign Up

We have place for more than 70 brands at Motorwerk Berlin. You can apply now for a spot. Just tell us how much space you need and we’re more than happy to send you an offer. It’s not first come first served. We try to find the right balance of bigger and smaller brands. We’d like to be a place for all kinds of labels, bikes, apparel, cycling crews and parts and all kinds of events. It ain’t matter if you only have a prototype or if your one of the biggest players in cycling: this one weekend in 2020 we’ll all be the same and share one common goal: come together as kolektif berlin.

Just hit the APPLY NOW button and tell us who you are and how much square meters you need.
There will be people coming from all over Europe for this bike show and what we’re dreaming of
is creating a place full of bikes where thousands of people can eat a cake and drink a coffee together.